The online evaluation will be made available on at the conclusion of the dinner. You will receive an email with a link to create a free account on the website or log into your existing account and complete the evaluation. Once the evaluation is completed, a Certificate of Credit and Attendance will automatically be generated for you to download and print. The certificate will also be stored in your online profile on the website should you need to download or print another copy. The RNS will not provide a physical certificate. 

Each state varies in requirement, acceptance, and submission of contact hours for continuing education credits. Nurses are advised to meet their respective state’s specific requirements regarding reciprocity. It is the responsibility of attendees to register their contact hours with the appropriate agency(s). RNS retains an electronic copy for auditing functioning only. RNS does not register contact hour credits with each attendee’s state of practice. The Certificate of Credit and Attendance form, as well as proof of registration payment, will serve as verification for the IRS.